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Suitable for beginners and above, our Guitar group is led by Paddy. They play from a large repertoire including Oasis, “These Boots are Made for Walking”, and Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”.

Online Tutorials

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Week 1: Learn to Play “Weather with You” by Crowded House

Click for Week 1’s “Weather with You” tutorial

Weather With You – Chords pdf    Weather With You – Bass pdf

Playalong mp3:



Week 2: Crowded House’s “Weather with You” Chords & Lead Line

Click here to watch Week 2’s tutorial

Weather With You – Lead pdf

Week 3: “Imagine” by John Lennon (chords)

Click here to watch Week 3’s tutorial

Click here for “Imagine” music sheet

Week 4: “Imagine” by John Lennon (Bridge & Chorus Chords)

Click here to watch the second “Imagine” tutorial

Click here for “Imagine” Chords (2)

Week 5: “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley (Intro & Verse Chords)

Click here for “Hallelujah” music (chords)

Week 6: “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley (Chords for Chorus + Bass Line)

Click here for Hallelujah music – Bass

Week 7: “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley (Lead Line)

Click here for “Hallelujah” Lead Line Music pdf

Hallelujah playalong (without lead) track:



Hallelujah playalong (with lead line):