What we do

Trust Music supports music education and training for children and young people in the following ways:

  • Providing financial support, through a Further Talent scheme, to those children and young people whose musical aptitude might have been identified through “whole class ensemble tuition” but whose families are not able to fund continued musical training beyond the first free year.
  • Operating a Bursary Scheme for young people and their families/carers to apply for continued funding over one year, or more, to help with the continuing costs of lessons, instruments, exam fees, ensemble membership, workshops and other activities. The scheme is means tested.
  • Supporting events and activities organised by Bolton Music Service that seek to inspire, thrill and encourage children and young people to commence or continue their musical journeys.
  • Commissioning Bolton Music Service to co-organise with us, the annual Bolton Schools Music Festival. For the last 50 years the festival has been organised by the Bolton Schools Music Association, but upon its dissolution in 2018 we were asked to take on the organisation for the Festival, which we are extremely proud to do.