Young Musicians

Our 4 main support streams are:

1. Individual support for Bolton’s young musicians

Trust Music operates a Bursary Scheme for Bolton Music Service pupils. The scheme is means tested and is designed to support young musicians by funding music lessons, instrument hire and ensemble practice.

We also provide individual support for 8 pupils in collaboration with The Munster Trust alongside helping 15 Pupil Premium children to attend Bolton Music Centre.

2. Promoting music in Bolton’s schools

We support the Furthering Talent programme at 2 Bolton primary schools in partnership with Awards for Young Musicians. 30 children currently have music tuition, alongside attending practical workshops with organisations like the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

3. Supporting Music Ensembles

Children who have just started learning an instrument are given a bursary to attend an ensemble free of charge.

4. Delivering concerts, events and activities

We deliver the hugely popular Bolton Schools Music Festival annually in partnership with Bolton Music Service, alongside events which seek to inspire, thrill and encourage children and young people to engage with music.