Trust Music Beneficiaries

Izzy’s Story

Talented multi-instrumentalist Izzy had a strong desire to pursue a music education from a young age. However, being from a single parent family meant his ability to take up opportunities such as lessons and instrument hire was limited due to financial costs. In 2015 Trust Music stepped in to support Izzy in following his passion.

Izzy, Trust Music Beneficiary, playing the guitar

A Talented Multi-Instrumentalist

Being a curious and talented child, Izzy, from Westhoughton, left no stone unturned when he began his musical journey. He took up a range of instruments in primary school including the clarinet, saxophone and guitar – all of which were funded by the school.  Having access to an arts education was incredibly important for Izzy:

 “I am very lucky that music and the arts were considered important in my primary school – this really was my springboard into music”

Izzy continued with lessons in guitar, keyboard and drums at Westhoughton High School. A turning point came in Year 8 when Izzy joined Lads A Cappella and Bolton Youth Harmonies, where he learned to sing alongside a wide range of students.

Being encouraged to sing during his teenage years, when his voice was changing, helped Izzy to develop in confidence and discover his strengths.

 “Lads a Cappella was a great opportunity for me. The concerts and tours were amazing. After the changes in my voice I eventually became a bass baritone and realised that I had a very resonant voice which stood out from the crowd and was worth developing.”

“Music was My Lifeline”

During Izzy’s teenage years his mum became a single parent, which changed the family’s financial circumstances. This made the cost of singing lessons, music examinations and choir membership difficult to meet. Trust Music, being aware of Izzy’s talent, stepped in to help. The personalised support offered by Bolton Music Service and Trust Music helped to reduce the family’s anxiety around asking for funding and meant that Izzy could continue his beloved musical activities.

“Music gave me a lifeline during what was a very difficult time for me and my mum. The chance to start one to one singing lessons with the charity’s support made such a difference.”

An Ambassador for Music Education

Now a thriving A-Level student, Izzy has a strong commitment to sharing the benefits a music education can bring to a young person’s life. When he was in Year 10 he was asked to speak at his local Rotary Club, where he chose to discuss the importance of music and performing arts in the school curriculum. This summer Izzy will be taking his Grade 8 singing exam, with continued support from Trust Music. He often speaks with passion about the skills he has developed through a broad music education:

“Without Trust Music I would not have been able to develop my singing voice to this level. Furthermore, with Trust Music’s help I have been able to develop in a range of musical areas rather than just focusing on one instrument. I have agreed to be a Youth Champion for Trust Music so that I can help them to help other young people like me”

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