Trust Music Beneficiaries

Sandile’s Story

Young trombonist Sandile is one of 8 pupils supported by Trust Music and the Munster Trust.

“I love playing the trombone as it is fun, enjoyable and makes me feel happy. It keeps me busy and helps me to relax. I started having lessons after I completed a trial at school and I was enthralled. I am so grateful to Trust Music and the Munster Trust as they believed in me and offered me a bursary which has helped me to continue with the lessons.

Participating in ensembles gives me the opportunity to play in a band and playing in a band has taught me to keep in time with others. I also get to interact with other like-minded children outside of school.

What is most enjoyable about the ensembles is that I get to perform in concerts. After weeks and weeks of practice, the feeling is so great when we showcase our music. It makes me very proud of myself.”

Watch Sandile playing a piece from the Harry Potter soundtrack: